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In the last blog, you learned about motivated forgetting, and how as humans, we have mechanisms designed to make us forget things.

If you missed the post, I highly recommend checking it out as it really opened the eyes of many readers. You can re-read the post here.

To quickly summarize, there are parts of ourselves that are actively trying to make us forget.

Some of those parts include habits, fears, and beliefs.

That is, in an effort to keep us in our old patterns and routines, our habits will try to make us forget anything that might cause change, even if the change is positive and beneficial.

The same goes with fears. If we unconsciously fear a task or goal, that fear will do its best to distract or make us forget that task or goal, even if its important or useful.

This applies to beliefs as well. If we believe that we are not smart enough to do well in class or deserve a promotion, that belief will cause us to do things to create that outcome, including forgetting answers on an exam or the important meeting at work.

So why am I bringing up the topic of motivated forgetting again?

Well, now that Thanksgiving is over and 2017 is coming to a close, many of you are going to be setting resolutions and goals for the new year.

I want you to be aware that you have mechanisms in place to make you forget them, and they are going to be devious in how they do it.

In fact, one of the biggest factors that keep people from reaching their goals is simply they stop becoming top of mind and get lost or ‘forgotten.’

And these mechanisms I mentioned, do an amazing job of making that happen.

It’s not just the goal that gets forgotten, but the individual tasks and activities required to get there. You’ll forget about a meeting with a client, appointment with a trainer, schedule of a class, date or a seminar, etc.

All of these will disrupt your focus and take you out of your rhythm and new routine, and ultimately, keep you from accomplishing your new years resolutions.

Be aware of this!

If you plan to set new years goals and resolutions, don’t expect to magically remember them.

Instead, do something to make sure the goal stays on top of mind at all times.

As you learned, there are parts of you actively trying to do the opposite.

In the next blog, I’ll teach some simple strategies to keep goals and resolutions top of mind no matter how hard your mind tries to forget them.

They are small things you can do so you are well aware of what you need to be doing.

Until next time…

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