Talk Your Way to Laser Sharp Focus

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In the previous article, you learned about doing a relaxation exercise to improve concentration. This is a good way to calm your mind and focus.

However, it doesn’t solve the underlying problem.

It doesn’t give you control over your raging thoughts, it simply calms it down for the moment.

It’s like sedating a wild beast.

Once the sedative wears off, you have to deal with the beast again.

In order to get a better grip on concentration, it helps to do mental exercises to guide your mind to concentrate better.

It’s like training the beast.

One of the best exercises you can do is self-talk.

Self-talk are statements that you say or think to yourself about changes you want to have or have happen in your life. For instance, if you want to be more assertive, you might repeat a statement like ‘I am a strong, assertive person.’

You may not think that repeating such a statement can actually make you more assertive, but surprisingly, it can.

In fact, it is a method top performers in just about every field use to enhance their abilities and performance, whether it’s in school, sports, or business.

You can use self-talk like this to improve your ability to concentrate. As an example, you might affirm statements like ‘I have a strong concentration,’ ‘I can focus on anything I choose.’

You’ll be surprised just how much it improves your concentration.

Self-talk works on two levels.

1. The mere act of affirming self-talk is a form of concentration training.

When you repeat a statement like ‘I have a strong concentration,’ you have to focus on the words.

As you know, it is easy for the mind to wander, jump all over the place, get distracted with other thoughts, or not want to do the exercise and give up.

Focusing on the words is like doing a mental drill to overcome these distractions and building endurance to narrow your attention on a specific task or activity.

As you build your endurance in this task or activity, you can carry it over to other tasks and activities.

2. Affirming self-talk changes your mindset and identity.

It doesn’t seem like it, but the words that you say, hear, or replay in your mind have a profound effect on your mental state and identity.

If you repeat certain type of words, they go inside and rewire your brain to act out what the words describe.

That’s why top performers use self-talk, they talk to themselves in ways that act out high performance.

So, if you regularly tell yourself that “I am EXCELLENT at concentrating,” those words will go in and change your brain to start acting that way.

So self-talk not only tames the beast through training, but it actually changes the beast.

It goes inside and rewires the mind to not be so erratic and jumpy, but instead, more focused.

I hope you take self-talk seriously because it is the best way to improve your ability to pay attention and stay focused.

In fact, you’ll be amazed at how much doing this exercise a few minutes each day can impact your level of concentration.

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