Avoid this Common Mistake that Severely Impairs Your Memory

Avoid this Common Mistake that Severely Impairs Your Memory 2017-12-02T05:10:58+00:00

The other day I was chatting with a new friend about what I do, that I write and teach about improving mental performance.

His first comment was, ‘oh do you have anything on memory? I have an awful memory, I can’t remember anything.’ Then he proceeded to give me a lengthy description of how and why his memory is so bad.

I looked at him and was like, of course you have a bad memory, just look at how you talk about it.

His experience isn’t unique.

Wherever I go, people are always talking bad about their memory, saying ‘how it sucks,’ ‘they always forget,’ ‘can’t remember anything even if their life dependent on it,’ and so on.

Much of the time they say this in a proud manner, as if there is something honorable, impressive, or cool about having a bad memory, especially one as bad as theirs.

This is a very bad habit.

That is because if you talk bad about your memory, your memory becomes bad.

Countless studies show that our mental health and performance is highly vulnerable to what we say, think, and feel about it. Our mind works such that if we get into a pattern of thinking or thought, it starts acting that out.

So if we constantly think or talk negative about our memory and put it down, then its starts performing that way. We start forgetting more and more and begin struggling to recall even the simplest facts.

There are complex reasons why this happens, which is beyond the scope of this article. Though to put it in perspective, it’s similar to how constantly yelling at a child and telling him he will never amount to anything causes the child to grow up that way.

What’s worse is that this can become a cycle. When you criticize your memory, it starts performing poorly. Since it performs poorly, you criticize it more. Which causes it to perform worse.

For most of us, our memory isn’t bad because there is something wrong with it. It is bad simply because we have been talking about it in negative ways.

If you really want to improve your memory and have it function at an optimal level, the most important thing you can do is to stop talking bad about it. Cut out all the negative chatter about your inability to remember.

Just get rid of it.

It isn’t impressive.

It doesn’t make you cool.

Nor is it useful.

If you do anything, talk positive about your memory. Regularly reinforce positive statements like ‘I have a strong memory,’ ‘I easily remember any information I choose.’

Remember, your mind acts out any pattern of thinking or thought you get into. If you get into a positive pattern, your mind will act that out.

If you get into a pattern of talking positive about your memory, you’ll start remembering more, more easily.

So begin today.

Begin by saying something positive or constructive about your memory.

Do this regularly and make it a habit.

Each morning you wake up or when you leave the house, repeat statements like:

I have an excellent memory.

My brain is an information storehouse, it records everything I see, hear, and do.

My memory is getting better and better everyday.

You memory may not change overnight, but overtime, you’ll be astounded how much it improves.

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