How to Avoid Difficulty in the New Year

Well, this is the last blog you’ll receive from me this year…can you believe it, less than one week to 2018.

In this email, I want to talk about an important life lesson from an Asian guru.

It’s starts with a not so positive story.

For most of my adult life, I’ve had extremely tight and stiff muscles, to the point of causing chronic pain throughout my body.

It was so bad, I had to regularly see a massage therapist to help loosen and soften the muscles.

These weren’t fun, relaxing visits. My muscles required deep tissue work so they were quite painful.

Then two summers ago, a friend introduced me to a high level massage therapist from South Korea.

He wasn’t your average therapist.

He was a guru of his profession – an 80 year old man with the awareness, vitality, and strength of someone in his 20’s.

No joke.

My first session with him was one of the most painful massages I ever had.

It was so painful, I was a grown man tearing…

Maybe even crying…

With his old, frail looking fingers, he could get into the deepest, tightest knots and unwind them with ease

This guy knew his stuff.

After the first session, he asked me to return every other day.

My initial reaction was, why would I subject myself to that pain again so soon!

But he assured me that if I’m not consistent, then I won’t see results.

He explained in his wise, guru-like gaze, no mater what kind of change you’re trying to make, the way the body works is that it regresses very quickly. If I wait a week or two, my muscles will tighten and harden back up.

But, if I come back in two days, he can work on more areas and continue to go deeper, with less pain.

So I decided to see him every two days, and I kid you not, within two weeks he loosened my entire body.

My circulation was better, my vision was better, even my bathroom visits were better.

More importantly, I no longer had muscle pain.

I learned an important lesson from him…

And that’s the importance of consistency.

To often we get started on something, but don’t take consistent action.

We might take action a few times here, once there, then take a few week break, start back, etc.

With effort like this, there is no progress.

Since we don’t see progress, we lose faith and give up.

That’s how I felt about my chronic muscle tension, I thought it’d never go away, because I had done and tried everything.

Honestly, I had tried everything.

Though, the one thing I never tried is to be consistent.

Therefore, no matter what I did, nothing worked.

Now, I do my best to keep to a consistent routine of stretches and exercises, and you know what, everything runs smooth.

Consistency is not just important for muscles, but for anything we are trying to do and achieve.

The late entrepreneur and author Jim Rohn said “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of ‘consistently’ applying basic fundamentals.”

Leadership expert John Maxwell said something similar, “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.”

The more consistent, the greater the results.

Consistency generates results because it builds momentum.

It gets you in the flow where you know what you need to do, how to do it, and when, so you have less getting in your way.

If you are not consistent, there is a higher chance of getting distracted, falling into old routines, or losing interest.

Consistency also forms habits.

When you do something consistently, your body and mind get into a pattern and rhythm that make the task, goal, or activity easier to do. They take over your actions and start to do and think for you.

Without consistency, you don’t develop the momentum needed for your mind and body to assist you.

The problem is, staying consistency is not always easy.

At times you don’t feel like doing it, distractions become more enticing, you face set backs, parts of you question whether it’ll work, or you might hit a wall that you just can’t get over.

The things is, consistency is not about having consistent results, but putting in consistent effort.

It’s about showing up every day and taking steady action.

Some days don’t go well, you’re not on your A game, you make mistakes, or don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere.

But over time, each effort builds upon each other, and eventually you get to where you want to go.

So think about what you want for the new year. Maybe you want to start a business, find a new job, lose weight, or develop a skill.

Now realize, your efforts to get this don’t have to be hard, difficult, or complex, just consistent.

Thanks once again for reading.

Hope you’ve found this months newsletter motivating for the new year.

I’ve got more great tips coming,

Until then,

Kam Knight

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