The One Trick Everyone is Doing that Never Works

Hi again, hope you’re enjoying the holiday season.

As you know, with the New Year approaching, the focus of the last few posts and this month has been on New Years Goals and Resolutions and ways to stick with and achieve them.

Today I’m gonna offer another fantastic tip.

Before I do, I’ve got a question.

Have you ever missed a task or routine, then told yourself that you’ll make it up by putting in twice the work or effort the next day, time, or session?

For example, you set a schedule to go to the gym Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Then one Wednesday, for whatever reason, you don’t feel like going.

So you skip the gym telling yourself on Friday you’ll do double the work, put in twice the effort, or take an extra class to make it up.

Or let’s say in order to finish your novel, you decide to do 1 hour of writing a day.

Since you haven’t been consistent the last few days, you tell yourself you’ll catch up by writing for 3 hours this coming Saturday.

Everyone I’ve ever known does this.

Even though everyone is doing it, it never works.


Not for anyone!

If there is one technique you can ALWAYS count on to fail, it’s this one.

If you didn’t feel like working out or writing today, what makes you think you’ll feel like doing double or triple next time?

And when next time rolls around, you’re even less motivated because now you have 2 to 3 times the work.

So you’ll procrastinate further.

You’ll go, ‘you know what, I’m gonna catch up the following weekend. Yep, I’ll clear my schedule to focus entirely on this.’

Now you’ve made the chore, task, activity even bigger and more difficult to tackle.

So every time you think about going to the gym or writing, this big commitment is hanging over your shoulders.

This causes you to procrastinate further and further and further until…

Few months later, your realize you’re at square one because you haven’t done anything.

And in those rare moments when you do make up your commitment, guess what occurs?

You get burnt out!

It’s one of those things that happen – we miss a session, routine, a task.

When it happens, we feel bad, like we’re not sticking to what we set out to do.

In an attempt to change that feeling, we tell ourselves, no ‘I’ll make it up,’ ‘I’ll work double,’ ‘I’ll work harder.’

Although our heart and intention is there when we say it, when it comes down to it, we don’t follow through.

Now we feel twice as bad, because we didn’t follow on the double promise.

This just grows and grows until the mere thought of the goal drains or weighs us down, so we do anything to not think about it.

Since we don’t think about it, the goal doesn’t get done.

And since it doesn’t get done, it leaves us with this yucky feeling that once again…we failed.

Be conscious to NOT get caught in this cycle!

If you are feeling lazy, tired, burnt-out, or some other priority is taking your attention from a task or routine related to your new years goal, don’t force yourself to make it up.

Its wishful thinking that makes you feel good in the moment, but has dire consequences on your routine.

It’s actually one of the manipulative tricks our self-sabotaging mechanisms – habits, fears, beliefs – use to get us out of our goals.


If you fall out of your routine, just start from where you left off without adding unnecessary pressure to make up on lost effort or catch up on lost time.

It doesn’t matter if you let a day, week, or month go by, just start back one task and one day at a time.

Also, don’t let thoughts like ‘I’m so behind now’ or ‘I could have been so much further ahead’ weigh you down.

You’ll get there.

It won’t be as fast as you initially wanted, but you’ll get there…

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