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Wish You Could Get Over the Wall Holding You Back…

to Finally Achieve Your Dreams?

Do You Struggle to Get Things Done?

You know what to do.

You know how to do it.

You have the motivation to do it

But, for one reason or another, you don't do it!

Every Time You Have a Great Idea

You get so excited!

But weeks later, your excitement is gone

Nothing is really done

And you are frustrated at yourself because none of your dreams and ambitions ever come true!

And the Worst Thing is…

It’s been this way for years!

The same pattern over, and over, and over again.

You've Tried Everything!


--> Read all the books

--> Attended all the seminars

--> Signed up for all the coaching

I know when you came to this sales page, it was out of desperation

And you’ve probably already decided this isn’t going to work either because nothing ever does.

I understand, because I've been right where you are

I know exactly what you’re going through, because for decades I had exactly the same problem.

I couldn’t get anything done.

I always wondered why?

Why is it that if: 

--> I know what to do

--> I know how to do it, and

--> I have the motivation and desire to do it

For one reason or another, I can’t or don't do it?

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been on a journey to get at this very answer!

I traveled to the furthest reaches of the globe, visiting nearly 100 countries.

I worked with:

Shamans in the Jungles of Colombia

Spiritual Healers in Brazil

Witch Doctor in Africa

I left no stone unturned, trying:

• Therapy • Meditation • Neurolinguist Programming (NLP) • Hypnosis • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) • Biofeedback • Releasing • Cryotherapy • Reiki • Acupuncture • Spiritual Cleansing •  Herbal, Holistic, or Homeopathic remedies

And more importantly, I pushed it:

Anytime a challenge was presented, I pushed my limits. I pushed as far as I could go, and when I had nothing left, I pushed further!

I wanted to know what was holding me back, I wanted to dissect it from every corner of my being.

Now, I'm the world's authority on the topic, and my mission is to help you!

And that's what I want to do today...

You see, the brain is a complicated thing

So let me explain how it keeps you from achieving your goals:

--> One part of your brain creates motivation and desire

--> But a completely different part allows you to act that desire.

--> The part that that acts on the desire works  independent from the part that creates the desire.

So, you can have all the motivation desire in the world, but if the part that acts on the desire doesn't give the green light, you CANNOT act!


I Call this Part Internal Resistance!

It is the brick wall you keep hitting, specially when:

--> you have this excitement

--> you can see an outcome

then 3 weeks later...

--> you're sitting on the couch watching reruns of NCIS.

The question is NOT:

--> How can I have more motivation?

--> How can I have more discipline?

--> How can I have try harder?

Because if you keep doing the things you've been doing, you are going to keep getting the results you have gotten.mo

The question is understanding what internal resistance is, why is it there, how does it show up, and more importantly, a "plan" to release it from your life!

The good news is I've got that plan for you right here!


Listen to What Christina Has to Say, It's Really Amazing

Here's What You'll Learn...


- Discover where your wants come from and why you have the wants you do.

- Understanding your wants is the only way to keep them from spinning you in circles, so you can stay focused on the goal at hand.

Module 1

- Uncover the 12 main causes of resistance and why they have such a strong hold on you.

- Understanding the causes will free you from long standing blocks to make tasks and activities more pleasurable.

Module 2

- Gain valuable insight into how your mind tricks you into self-sabotaging behavior.

- Your mind is playing tricks on you all the time and understanding them is the only way to make meaningful progress.

Module 3

- This module will help you identity your resistance.

They won't be superficial reasons that apply to everyone, you will uncover your specific blocks so you can address the exact issues holding you back.

Module 4

- The key to success in anything is action action action. He who takes most actions wins!

Learn the deceptively simple process to take any goal from the first step all the way to the finish.

Module 5

- When resistance arises, the mind envelops the body with a series of chemicals that literally paralyze you.

- This module reveals 10 mind hacks that instantly remove the response so you are never held back by anything again.

Yes, I'm Ready!

What Michelle Has to Say Is Even More Amazing

The best part is, you can try all this absolutely risk free!

Hey, I get it... 

You've done this over and over again, and you keep getting the same results.

And you're wondering right now why this time it's going to be different?

Right Now, You Have 2 Choices & They Are Very Simple

1. You Can Keep Doing What You've Been Doing & Get the Results You Have Been Getting

If that is your choice, I totally understand and I wish you well :)

After all, that's what most people do and that is what I use to do, so I totally get it.

But your other choice is much better...

2. You Can Push the Button Below and Join Me Inside On a Life Changing Transformation

It is different than anything else you are going to find in the world!

Where I have demonstrated success time and time again.

And I can help you change your life!

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