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Everyday Memory

Practice Skill #1

How to Serve in Tennis

1. Hold the bottom handle of the racket with your non-dominant hand - usually the right - and the top handle with your dominant hand.

2. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and weight distributed evenly on both feet. Bend your knees slightly.

3. Take the ball in your non-dominant hand - usually the left - and hold it at shoulder height.

4. Toss the ball into the air, making sure to keep your eye on the ball.

5. As the ball reaches its peak, step forward with your front foot and rotate your hips and shoulders towards the net.

6. Swing the racket back, and while keeping your arm straight and your wrist firm, make contact with the ball as the racket reaches the highest point of your backswing.

7. Follow through with your swing, pointing your racket towards the service box.

First, practice the skill of holding the racket properly, with one hand on the bottom of the handle and the other on the top. Then practice the correct stance, standing with slightly bent knees with feet shoulder-width apart and weight distributed evenly.

Then practice the two together.

Now hold the ball at shoulder level with the hand opposite of the hand holding the racket. Next practice tossing the ball into the air making sure to keep eye on the ball.

Practice the two together.

Once you have that down, practice the first four steps.

Continue for the remaining steps as described.

After physically repeating, make sure to practice in your mind by visualizing all the actions.

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