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Everyday Memory

Practice Skill #3

How to Throw a Punch in Boxing

1. Get into proper stance - Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, with left foot slightly ahead of the right.

2. Pull your guard up - Hold your left hand in front of (and protecting) your face, and your right hand by (and protecting) your chin. Also keep elbows close to your body.

3. Prepare the punch - Bring your right hand back, while keeping your elbow close to your body and your hand in a fist.

4. Throw the punch - Twist your hips and shoulders in the direction of the punch as you push off with the right foot, all of which will generate power. As you twist your hips and push off your right foot, quickly extend your arm and straighten it.

5. Follow through - After throwing the punch, bring your hand back to your guard position, so right hand back to protect your chin.

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