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Triple Your Reading Memory and Concentration

Read at the Speed of Sight, Remember Better than a Computer, and Focus Like a Laser!

You may think these skills are only for the mentally gifted or those who go through rigorous training.

The truth is, faster reading, stronger memory, and longer concentration are within your reach. In fact, you already have this ability, you’re just not using the correct approach.

With the right approach in this simple and informative guide, you will learn to:

- Read faster and with higher comprehension

- Remember more in less time

- Focus longer even no matter how boring the subject

You can be more effective, imaginative, and powerful, whether at school, work, at home.

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Real Reviews on Amazon

This book is truly a work of genius, and I don't say that lightly. Before this book, I would read at a tortoise pace. Not because that's all I was capable of, but because I never learned how to properly read as an adult. From just reading this book in one pass, I've increased my reading speed by at least 5 times. Not only that, but I retain more information I read because I have to maintain focus and concentration to be able to read so fast.

Dillon Phillips

The tips were all simple and he uses great stories and analogies to help you understand their importance. What I like the most, and what separate this from all the other speed reading books, are the practice drills. Kam gets it, he knows that learning is not what creates change but applying what you learn and these drills help you do that. If you do the drills at the end of each chapter, by the end of the book, you're reading & comprehension will improve.

Nielan H.

Even though English is not my native language, this was my first book that I read so fast, with just a couple of tips. I Usually struggle weeks or even months trying to finish a book, and some books that I didn't finish.


The author, Kam Knight, shares a lot of useful concepts. It took a lot of work on his part. I highly recommend this book!



Table of Contents


  • SECTION I – Speed Reading

    Space Reading®



    SECTION II - Memory






    Learning Style


    Test Yourself


    SECTION III - Concentration

    State Control

    Building Endurance

    Resisting Distractions


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