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An Unusual Tip to Start Your New Years Right

Happy New Year, I'm sure everyone is recovering from last night’s celebration, so I'm going to keep this post short. I'd like to share an unusual tip that I send out every new year to [...]

How to Avoid Difficulty in the New Year

Well, this is the last blog you'll receive from me this year...can you believe it, less than one week to 2018. In this email, I want to talk about an important life lesson from an [...]

The One Trick Everyone is Doing that Never Works

Hi again, hope you’re enjoying the holiday season. As you know, with the New Year approaching, the focus of the last few posts and this month has been on New Years Goals and Resolutions and [...]

A Simple Mind Hack to Get More Done

In the last post I talked about motivated forgetting and how it can put a damper on your new year’s goals and resolutions. If you missed the post, you can catch it here. I also [...]

#1 Reason Why People Fail with This…

In the last blog, you learned about motivated forgetting, and how as humans, we have mechanisms designed to make us forget things. If you missed the post, I highly recommend checking it out as it [...]

What’s Motivating You to Forget?

It’s hard to believe, but you have mechanisms designed to make you forget things. It’s true. There are parts of yourself that are built to make you forget. You’re probably thinking, how could that be, [...]

Overcoming Fear of Failure

I want to talk about something that is crippling everyone in one form or another. That is the fear of failure. Fear of failure is the feeling of dread, anxiety, or stress we experience when [...]

Tame Your Demon Mind

This post will present some quick and simple tips to improve your concentration and focus. To help you understand the benefits of these tips, I’d like to first tell you a story. A long time [...]

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